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Beyond the Credence

Book Title: "Beyond the Credence" Bestseller   

Release Date: "5-Dec"

Published by: Rumour Books India 

Available on: Amazon and leading bookstore...

 Manhar Sharma'


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After the conversation about Indian philosophy some of the ideas of quantum physics that had seemed so crazy suddenly made much more sense

W. Heisenberg , German physicist.

This book is about a young girl apeksha . She is the daughter of a well established banker who as many patriarchal minded families won't let his daughter pursue her choice of studies and career. But she wants to know more about Vedas the ancient text of India full of knowledge that can change people's lives in the modern era too. She embarks on a journey of self discovery and secretly pursues her dream through entering into a competition. That platform opens a new world to her to Indology departments of foreign lands. Easy language . Enjoyable read. Sometimes was dragging but message is clear that ancient knowledge still hold true to this date.


about me

Manhar Sharma is an IT professional, blogger and an inveterate traveler. Manhar has worked with some of the top MNCs in his IT career and holds a master's degree in Computer Science. 

Manhar has a strong passion for Vedic literature and has spent a decade studying books on Indian scriptures.

His debut book, "Beyond the  Credence" is bestseller in multiple categories like -Hinduism, Religion, Hot Release on Amazon India.  

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