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Manhar Sharma is a Software Engineer, Blogger, and an Author. Manhar holds a master's degree in Computer Science and has a strong passion for Hinduism & ancient literature. Manhar has spent almost a decade reading books on ancient scriptures and has published various articles/blogs on Indian and International portals, sites & magazines like Ancient-Origins, IndicToday, Heritage, etc. 

Manhar Sharma's debut novel "Beyond the Credence," published by Rumour Books, is an Amazon Bestseller (Paperback & Kindle). 

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Books & Writings

Dec, 2019


Spiritual Fiction (Hinduism)

Published By: Rumour India Books

Rating details:  90+ Reviews

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Apeksha- young, confident, meritorious, with a liberal upbringing is on the verge of finishing her schooling from one of the best institutes in Delhi. She wants to explore a career in the Vedas and ancient Indian literature. But, her father, a strict, high-ranking official in a Bank does not want his daughter to ruin her future. Nupur, her sister, and her friend Vikas, support her, but can’t do so all the time. But Apeksha is not the one to give up so easily, and finds ways to pursue her dreams without informing anybody initially.  Will her conviction and hard work pay off to make some miracle happen?

Books ​& Writings

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Press ​& Reviews

Press ​& Reviews..

January 9, 2020

Must Read : TAC Fortnightly Book Listing
Book: Beyond the Credence Author: Manhar Sharma
Publisher: Rumour Publication..

February 23, 2020

देवरिया के मोहन रोड के रहने वाले साफ्टवेयर इंजीनियर मनहर शर्मा लेखन में भी अपना हुनर दिखा रहे हैं। घर के 

Rating details:  68 ratings and 66 reviews

ISBN 9781513641621

February 08, 2020

Beyond the Credence in Hindustan live

Manhar Sharma, a software engineer is also showing his skills in writing. The interest in Vedic literature created by the atmosphere of the house, he engraved in the book in the shape of the story ...

I, very much look forward to hear from you....



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